How to sign up for Hotmail?

Windowns Live Hotmail is considered one of the most greatest Microsoft tools thanks to its awesome features such as the good security, the ability to send huge files or quick views.

Hotmail’s address has been recently replaced by page. Therefore you have to got to the page if you want to use your Hotmail account. Basically, they are similar but there are still some small differences between them

Sign up for Hotmail

    1. Go to the and select No account? Create one!

  1. Enter your new email name into the box in the middle of the page.

  2. Enter your preferred password. Click “Next” after each step.

  3. Type your first name into the "First name" text field, then type your last name into the "Last name" text field.

  4. Click the "Country/region" box and click your current location. Then choose your birthdate.

  5. This step is to make sure that a real person is creating this account.

  6. Now you have successfully signed up for a Hotmail account.

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